Medical Invoicing
& Scheduling

MIPS Benefits

MIPS intuitive and easy to use application software offers a secure solution for electronic Medical Invoicing, Payment, & Appointment Scheduling.
MIPS improves claim accuracy, speeds up claim processing and medical billing, by using an efficient easy-to-use electronic interface for invoicing, managing receivables, and payments.
MIPS improves practice efficiency by providing quick access to patient records and treatment history.
MIPS improves office efficiency by reducing clutter and extraneous filing cabinets.
MIPS improves cash flow by facilitating the timely collection of payments from insurance plans and individual patients. Get paid faster!
MIPS supports your current billing cycles.
MIPS replicate function eliminates data entry requirement for recurring visits.
MIPS eliminates duplicate data entry through data reuse of information stored in its database.
MIPS ends the worry over lost paper claims with easy to follow Accounts Receivable and Exception Reporting.
MIPS improves patient and provider interaction through quick access to stored information including the Intake Form, Facesheets and Patient History.
MIPS software has no monthly fees. You own your MIPS Software!
MIPS offers strong privacy and security protection to ensure privacy of your Medical Records and all patient data.
No Monthly Fees
Software You Own
"I can bill electronically, invoice clients, write notes, and keep track of appointments and payments - all with ease and a sense of security that my patients' records are safe."   Counseling and Psychotherapy Group