Medical Invoicing
& Scheduling

Cost Factors

Compared to web based software, MIPS is much more cost effective. 
Subscribing to an Internet web-based application involves higher costs with monthly recurring fees - forever - plus potential periodic cost increases.
Desktop applications are purchased one time.  You own the software outright.
Own MIPS with no monthly recurring charges.
MIPS is available at a one-time cost of $1350.  Low additional cost for multiple providers in one practice.   This price includes maintenance updates, set-up, and support for one year.
Optional support and updates are available after first full year, at 15% of current price.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Software that you own.
No monthly fees.
"We are extremely pleased at the ease of uploading electronic claims. We were also surprised and delighted to see how quickly insurance companies are paying.”  Roberta Markowitz, LCSW-R