Medical Invoicing
& Scheduling

Desktop vs. Internet

Data Security

Reliability and Connectivity

MIPS offers maximum reliability and connectivity. A Web application development relies significantly on Internet connectivity and speed. Absence of Internet or its poor connectivity can cause performance issues with web applications. Desktop applications are standalone in nature and hence do not face any hindrances resulting from Internet connectivity. Connectivity also significantly affects the speed at which desktop and web applications operate.

Scheduling and Manage Time Efficiently

MIPS greatly improves the ability to schedule and manage functions necessary to run an efficient and effective practice.
MIPS is a desktop and/or client-server application.  MIPS offers maximum security of private medical records that are stored locally on your private computer rather than on the publicly accessible cloud. These private client records can only be accessed by you or an authorized MIPS user.  The risk of your patient's private files being hacked is infinitely reduced compared to storing medical records using web-based technology.

Realize that web-based applications are potentially open to a large number of users on the Internet, thus widening the threat of unauthorized access to private data.

MIPS standalone applications and data afford you total control of your environment. 

MIPS does not rely on, and is not dependent on, a permanent Internet connection.  You do not need to be connected to the Internet when using MIPS.  This feature protects your application and patient data from common vulnerabilities such as