Medical Invoicing
& Scheduling

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Features and Benefits

Electronic Medical Billing Services
User Friendly and Easy to Use
Practice Management
Electronic health record software automates
and streamlines the management of patient records;
while improving quality of patient care by promoting an
efficient and cost effective Medical Practice environment.
Automates appointment scheduling.
Reduces paper files and filing cabinets.
Prevalidates claim processing resulting in timely payments.
Ensures rapid access to patient information and treatment history.
Accounts Receivable and Client Statement Reports improve cash flow.

Help Text guides you through MIPS.
Easily integrates with existing practice protocols.
Intuitive Point-and-click
List Driven User-Interface.
Rich set of built-in query tools for rapid selection of data.
MIPS facilitates quick turn-around of billing, claim, and payment process.
MIPS expedites medical claims by pre-validating and error-checking submissions.

Reduces the billing and claim, to payment cycle.
Speeds up billing process - resulting in timely payments.
Electronic claim filing means no more mailing of claim forms.
MIPS data validation rules result in accurate claim generation.

Online Scheduling
Intelligent Data Entry
Medical Records Reporting
Patient and Insured Reporting
Insurance Plan and Payer Reporting
Facesheet and Intake Form Retrieval
Progress and Password Protected Clinical Notes

Financial Reporting
Electronic Claims and Status List

Insurance Payer Receivables
Unpaid Insurance Claims
Accounts Receivables
Client Receivables
Unpaid Client Bills
Online Reporting Engine
Prevents appointment conflicts.
Automates recurring appointments.
Improves provider time-management.
Manages provider - patient appointments.
Calendar automates creation of Office Visits.
Data is validated during entry.
Patient address, zip code checking.
Helpful data error diagnosis messages.
Automatic reuse of information entered.
Validation of required fields prior to claim submission.
ICD and CPT Codes are selected from pre-approved list.

No need for cabinets filled with paper records.
Real time analytics enables viewing and analysis of key practice metrics.
Online reporting enables quick access to patient data and medical records.