Medical Invoicing
& Scheduling

MIPS Usability

Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Software that you own.
No monthly fees.

Not Ever!

Easy To Use

MIPS easy to use Medical Invoicing, Payment, and Scheduling application offers an efficient and user-friendly environment that guides you through all phases of practice set-up, recording patient visit details (ICD-10, CPT codes, patient notes), claim processing, payment, reporting, and denial resolution.

Workflow and Efficiency

Workflow and efficiency is improved allowing you to complete daily tasks with speed and accuracy.  Since claims are created using verified data input, clerical submission errors are eliminated before submission.  Claims are processed and paid quickly resulting in fewer delayed payments.

MIPS Integration

MIPS integrates all facets of your practice for easy use without tedious retyping of information.  Data entered during setup is reused throughout the electronic CMS1500 (Health Insurance Claim Form) creation, filing, and payment process; eliminating the need to retype any data.

Powerful Online Reporting

MIPS powerful use of online reporting allows for expedient and efficient daily operations.  Reporting is just one click away!

Scheduling and Manage Time Efficiently

MIPS includes several modules that enhance the ability to schedule and manage the functions necessary to run an efficient and effective practice.